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I just realized I've been watching this community for quite some time but never officially joined.  So Hail and Well Met!   I consider myself a switch as opposed to being an actual anguisette.  As Nicola L'Envers put it, "I can play Valerian as well as Mandrake."  But I do prefer being submissive most of the time.  
And as for this awesome series of books, they were a boon to me when I purchased Dart back in 2002.  Reading it helped me realize that I had been repressing a part of myself for a long time and for the wrong reasons.   I like how Ms. Carey really gets into the desciprtions and the settings, it adds an extra dimension for me as I'm reading.  I've since devoured the rest of the series many times over, and I'm eagerly awaiting the next book. 
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