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This isn't someone pimping an existing RPG. This is me looking for one, or any single player who would like to play in the Kushiel-verse with me.

I've been looking for an RPG, or players for one-on-one roleplaying if I can't have a whole RPG that suits my taste, based on the Kushiel Legacy. I'm interested in both playing OCs, and characters from the anime (as long as it's not altogether AU).

Here's my problem: I have extremely particular preferences and this is a very small fandom. So I'm simply going to keep looking until I can find one/more players who like the same things I do. Which is why I thought I'd summarize what I like below and if someone happens to stumble across this post and thinks "hey, that's me!" you get back to me, okay?

* I like long posts. This is non-negotiable. Anything with less than eight lines of text will be considered a short post, in my mind. This does not, however, mean that I don't also require quality. Why can't I have both? I enjoy detailed descriptions of the character's body language, expressions and even minor actions - since in online roleplaying, you can't just show me how the characters moves, talks and walks. I'm also a fan of introspection.
* When it comes to first/third person PoV, past/present tense, novel/chat style, it's all the same to me - as long as we all use the same style.
* I play characters that take up a lot of space. That does not mean that all my characters are dominant sexually - just that whether they're taciturn or out-going, they -demand- attention. This is usually a good thing - unless you're bothered by having to compete for the attention and feel that your character isn't getting any.
* I feed off angst. On the drama front, you can expect a lot of that coming from me. Fluff and sap bores me quickly and my characters never stay happy for long.
* I do not do roleplay any more that is centered solely on smut/romance, unless we're talking one-shots. I do, however, have preferences when it comes to smut. I'm a fan of yaoi/slash, but I'll do het and yuri as well (mostly het, since I rarely play female characters).
* I've told you a lot about what I -don't- like, so what -do- I like, you wonder? Well. I like epic adventure, political intrigue and suspense - all these in a multi-player setting with one or several GMs, not for one-on-one RPGs. Most of all though, I like to play really screwed up relationships. I enjoy getting into issues of personal demons, soap opera (several characters involved in a love triangle/quadrant/hexagon), complex relations between characters (love, lust, friendship, enmity, etc), but overall; character development. A character that stays the same after a year or more of roleplaying is a bad character.
* As for format, anything is game as long as it does not require playing in real time, via messenger, chat or MU*. I simply do not have the time for that, with two other online RPGs on the side, plus tabletop roleplaying.

Want to see a sample of my roleplaying? Go ahead and ask and I'll dig something up.
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