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Okay, I have a tattoo on my lower back-I love it and I think it's great-it's about as close to a "marque" as I can get because it really is all about me and my life and what I plan on doing with it.

BUT, I want the classic "briar rose" somewhere on me-and I don't think it'd look good with my original tattoo on my back. I was thinking about having it placed down my side-kinda on my ribcage...And, I'm thinking of having the words "Love As Thou Wilt" scripted below it...Any thoughts?

My original (I'm a theatre major in college and I want to be a stage manager)

I thought about having it placed the way the one in this photo is, but I thought it might look too busy or out of place on my back...(This photo is credited to Kaye, I believe on Jacqueline Carey's website-if I have the name wrong or anything, please let me know so that I can change it and give credit where credit is due.)

I think I want it a little more over to my side and a tiny bit smaller than this, but I'm sure you guys get the general idea...(This one credited to Chelsea on Jacqueline Carey's site, and the same goes here as above-let me know if there's anything wrong here and I'll change it)

Thanks guys!

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