Mary (hufflepest) wrote in kushielsdart,


Newb here, first time posting.

Read the trilogy several times. Waiting impatiently for Imriel. Right now, I'm actually writing a paper on how the Yeshua/Elua thing relates back to Biblical sources.

The more I look at it, the more amazed I am by the details Carey has put in. The Tsigani, for example. I looked up Romany (gypsies) and discovered that the French name for them is Tsigane. Way too close to be coincidence...

Lots of other things like that. Right now I'm trying to pin down all the locations. The main ones are obvious - Terre d'Ange=France, Alba=England, Caerdicca Unitas=Italy, etc. But I'm having problems with Bhodistan.

It's not on any of her maps in the beginning of the books. It's mentioned as being far away and paganistic, but that doesn't narrow it down much. A quick google search brings up India, which I suppose fits with both the early information and the expansion seen in Kushiel's Avatar. Does anyone else have any ideas?
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