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Dance, laugh, and LOVE as thou wilt.....

I don't know if I'm an anguissette. I suppose I am, however, I have met no others. I get pleasure from pain-but do not have to have pain to have pleasure, if that makes sense. I can get pleasure form the simplest of things-as stupid as it sounds, even slamming my finger in the door brings me some strange form of pleasure, and even emotional pain brings in a form of pleasure that I cannot control.

I was stamped as Valerian House by night_court.

So, here I am......Thinking that I'm possibly an anguissette, and since the moderators asked me, declaring it for all to see.

Here was my application for night court in case you guys want some extra information about me:

The Basics -

1. Name: Amanda

2. Age: 23

3. Gender (answer however the hell you want): Female

The Books -

4. Who is your favorite character in the Terre D’Ange trilogy? Probably Phedre, though I sometimes have a good deal of admiration for Joscelin as well.

5. Who is your least favorite character in the trilogy? Nahum ben Isaac (The Yeshuite who taught Phedre 'Habiru' so that she might have a chance at saving Hyacinth, but he also looked down on her because she did not worship the same god as he)

6. Which character do you identify most with? Phedre-we both share a love of pain and I was ashamed of it when I was younger.

7. Which of the books is your favorite? Currently, Kushiel’s Dart. I just finished Kushiel's Chosen and am starting Kushiel's Avatar, so my opinion might change over time.

8. If you could visit any of the countries as they are described in the books, which
would you visit?
Either Terre D’Ange or La Serenissima. Terre D’Ange because of the evident beauty that is described there and La Serenissima because of the view of the ocean there.

9. If you were not an adept, what role/job do you think you’d have in the Terre D’Ange universe? I’d probably be a poet or a writer or researcher of some sort.

Personality -

10. What do you think are one or two of your best personality traits? I’m very observant, and I know how to make people forget their worries while they’re with me.

11. What do you think is your worst personality trait? I can be vengeful at times.

12. What qualities do you value in a friend? Honesty. Loyalty. Love.

13. What is the worst quality you believe a person can possess? The ability of deceit.

14. Go to this site and take the quiz. What character did you get? Do you think this is a good fit?

Kushiel's Quiz

You are Phedre. You are drop-dead gorgeous, kinky, perceptive and troubled. Your strong, fiery spiritual desires sometimes upset your cunning chessmaster's mind, sweeping you away in a haze of passion- but even the gods tremble when they fear that they have betrayed your trust.
Take this quiz!

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Phedre. At times, I think I can be compared to her, though I don't believe I have her courage.

15. Go to this site and take the quiz. What house did you get? Do you think this is a good fit?

Where in the Night Court do you belong?

You belong in House Valerian. You like pain and being controlled. Your motto is "I yield."
Take this quiz!

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Yes, I can see myself there.

16. Describe your perfect date. A night under the stars with French bread and wine…..and we’ll see where it goes from there.

Sex -

17. What qualities do you value in a lover? I would prefer someone who is dominative, assertive, and knows what she wants.

18. Describe your sexual style. I prefer to be more gentle with my lovemaking, but I prefer that my lover be more rough with me.

19. What are your feelings about BDSM (bondage, discipline, domination, submission, sadism, and masochism)? I’m definitely a bottom. I have always had fantasies about having someone tie me up and only recently has it happened and it was wonderful (Perhaps a little too much info for you guys, but you asked).

20. In which three houses do you think you’d best fit? (1) Valerian (2) Eglantine (3) Jasmine

21. In which two houses do you think you would not fit? (1) Alyssum (2) Heliotrope

22. Which house would you patronize, given a choice? Mandrake

23. What character from the books would you want to date/screw silly/have screw you silly and why? Melissande Shahrizai. Preferably only for the sex, because she’s involved in far too complicated affairs for us to be “together”. My liking for her stems from the fact that she is well versed in acts of pain and pleasure meshed together as one.

24. Describe yourself physically (hair color, eye color, height, any distinguishing characteristics). Feel free to include one safe for work picture. It can be provocative, but no nudity. Light reddish brown hair-long, about down right below my shoulder blades. Eyes that are both blue and green-very blue around the outer edge, and floating into a teal green color, and finally into gold around my pupils (which is most apparent during the fall). I’m not very tall, only about 5’5”, but I make do. I also have several piercings-five in my ears and one in my navel.

I am the one in the dress on the left. The other girl is my ex-girlfriend Jennifer. My hair is actually a lot lighter now, because I've spent some time in the sun this summer, and I have had it trimmed, so it's a few inches shorter than in the picture. I think I only had four holes in my ears when that picture was taken too.....

25. Tell us anything else you think might be important. I found it difficult growing up with a desire for pain-even when I was a child, I would get a cut and just watch it bleed and other children thought it was strange, but I have always somehow thought the color of blood to be very sensual and very beautiful. I hope to have finally found a place where I can belong, and be not judged.

I feel that I have answered your questions as best as I could-admittedly, everyone I have spoken with about the books (especially ex-lovers) has told me that I reminded them of House Valerian, so that's what I pushed because I felt it identified me better than any other house. However, since you have requested more information, I'll toss some things our here for you-as I said before, I feel like I answered the questions to the best of my abilities, but here is some extra personal information for your consideration and thanks again for considering me.

I have been told that I have a very commanding prescence and that I command everyone's attention when I walk into a room. Though I have submissive tendencies in the bedroom, I also have a very dominitive personality and I prefer to be in the center of everything going on. I don't know what it would have to do with anything here, but I love animals. I have always found companionship in animals, especially cats. I am a writer. Not professionally, mind you, I write because it brings me enjoyment. I admittedly, mostly write fan fiction. If you wish to see some of this, here's the link to the community I moderate. I am a theatre and english major in school. I am a lesbian, leaning towards the femme side-I don't mind getting dirty, but I love my nice, long, hot baths afterwards. Sex is best when it's dirty. I find the idea of being spanked by hand degrading, but also somewhat arousing-however, the idea of a leather whip is ALWAYS arousing. I'm a screamer in bed, and I usually like to come away from my sex sessions at least a little bruised. Sex is best if you regret it the next day because of sore muscles and such. I love lacey, frilly, lingerie on myself and my partner. I love piercings on both myself and my partners as well, and I got slightly aroused when I had my bellybutton pierced a few years ago. I think the color of blood is the most sensual color there is, and thus I believe, it is my favorite. It always was, even before I knew the meaning of the word sensual. I love corsets, but do not own one of my own yet, sadly, because I want a leather one and am saving up to buy it. My favorite food is probably hummus because of it's versitility and I love red wines-but hate most whites. I've only been slapped in the face twice that I can remember-once onstage teaching someone to stagefight and once by an ex-girlfriend (I deserved it). Both times were similar in that when the hand hit my face, I had about two seconds worth of arousal where I wanted to grab the other person and fuck them like there's no tomorrow......With the stage slap, I had to go and get a drink of water and cool myself off (literally). With Jenn, I had to walk away before the anger set in and I slapped her back....

My two favorite quotes from the books (thus far) are:

"Love As Thou Wilt..."
-Kushiel's Dart

"...I had taken an anguissette's terrible pleasure in the pain it provoked; the pain of a wounded heart, deeper and more exquisite than any torment of the flesh..."
-Comtesse Phèdre nó Delaunay de Montrève (Kushiel's Chosen)

I did not originally include a picture because I do not have one of just me without someone else or a cat in the photo with me. I am including one now; in the specified area above, for your perusal.

“Love as thou wilt….”
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