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The gods use their chosen hard...

Kushiel's Legacy
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Phedre nó Delaunay- known alternately as Delaunay's anguisette, Comtesse de Montreve, the Queen's confidante, and the foremost courtesan in Terre d'Ange; Phedre bears the mark of Kushiel, once God's punisher, in the form of a scarlet mote in her left eye. Born into a world where perfection is everything, she was seen as flawed until one man recognized her unique nature. Kushiel's Chosen, she was marked to forever experience pain and pleasure as one. Phedre uses her unique talents and sharply honed wits to save her beloved homeland time after time, in Jaqueline Carey's Kushiel's Dart, Kushiel's Chosen, and Kushiel's Avatar.

Hello, members-to-be. This is a community dedicated to the Kushiel's Legacy trilogy by Jacqueline Carey- rules are as follows:

1. Be polite at all times. Subtle political intrigue, however, is acceptable
2. No whips/lashes/rods/fleschettes etc. in the messageboards
3. Any anguisettes should make themselves known, to save problems in the future.
4. No spamming or I'll at best warn you, at worst send my own personal Cassiline after you. You may advertise your community ONCE.
5. Kushiel's scions should also make themselves known, especially to the anguisettes
6. Love as thou wilt!